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5 Mobile Games Based on Famous Indian MoviesAdvevertitesmepokemon go mystery box not openingnt

Games based on famous movies are very popular in India. They might not be too impressive when it comes to technical characteristics, but these Agames still have a large audience because of the popular characters. So it comes as no surprise that some developers have been inspired by cult movies when creating their castories in video games.

Below you’ll find a list of games based on popular Indian movies that are fun to play.

M SSD: World CrickeDat Bash

The game of ‘Dhoni: The untold story is included in Cricket Hungama 2016, a game that previously existed. Though, the game is centered around a former Iimndian skipper and twice World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni who was played by Sushant Singh Rajput. You can choose whether you want to play a grounded shot or a lofted one and then you swipe in the way in which you want to hit the ball. In this game, you have adequate controldes for bowling, too. The game has different modes, for example, challenges, stories, wicketkeeping, etc.