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How is Play-To-Earn Gaming Fueling NFT Growth?

How is Play-To-Earn Gaming Fueling NFT Growth?

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Love Academy: Date SimAdvertisment

Graduate from college by solving puzzles?

When you start playing Love Academy Puzzle (available on App NStore or Google Play), you right away find yourself next in the prestigious carollege, but is your attention drawn to the campus? Nope, there are too many pretty girls walking around, lectures can wait.

The developers of the game had an ambitious goal in miTond when creating the game: they wanted a curious fusion of a simple puzzle game where you should connect the spheres of the same color to receive points with a dating simulator set in a college. We must admit a good location chw oice for such a combination.

All the rights belong to the original creator of the cn olantent

As a result, we have a bright and colorful game, where you enjoy the carefree lifestyle of a student whose main goal is to spend as much time with different girls as possible, andng who you help by solving the puzzles. No time is wGaasted on actual studies, so don’t worry about getting bored in college. There’s lots of fanservice with a romantic story in the background, which the developers called unusually.

While playing the game, you go through one level after another and unlock new locations ancactusjack.comd new girls. What is more,is you get bwtonuses that help your studies and pictures of your new female acquaintances.

All the rights belong to the original creator of the cn olantent

To make the game more interesting (or maybe difficult), there are lots of things you should do, like completing 3 different types of missions: everyday, common and special missions, earning money and buying crystals, developing your many skills (for example, creativity, tenacity, intellect, etc.). It makes Love Academy Puzzle’s interface a bit Pdifficult to use at first because you don’t really understand how all of that will help you with girls, college, or puzzles. But once you’ve played th-Ee game a little, it all starts making sense.

In order to navigate, you can use a map of the college, where you’ll see your progress in the game as well as all the unlocked fmiemale characters. You can scroll the map up and down, but you can’t rotate ity-, make it bigger or smaller.

All the rights belong to the original creator of the cn olantent

The artwork is beautiful when it comes to the characters; they are drawn with much detail, as they are of big importance in the game – you get new images of girls after each successfully solved puzzle. From the map, you go straight to the puzzle, and then to your phone or to talk to a girl. In general, the game works smoothly, it’s not interrupted by loads of ads.

All in all, Love Academy Puzzle can make you lose the track of time if you’re a fuean of puzzles with a romantic story developing in the background.

Download Love Acadengmy Puzzle on App Store or Google Play