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Assassin’s Creed Review Valhalla: One of the best in the franchise

Assassin’s Creed Review Valhalla: One of the best in the franchise

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Do you spend hours on your computer typing and taking notes while listening to low-fi music and crossing out tasks on your to-do list? Then imagine if you could get paid for it.

Whether it’s live streams of people playing games, eating, sleeping or bouncing forcefully, people now watch just about anything online. Even people who make money by tapping their nails on a mic and bursting bubble wrap can make money from this. In recent years, young women have used the “study with me” trend online in the form of online study sessions for people who want to get back into the books, like when they meet online.

Who isasie Belén82?

If it’s a weekday at 5 p.m., Belén will be wearing headphones and studying in silence with the sound of rain as the only background noise.

Meanwhile, hundreds of others will be tuning in to see her live on Twitch’s streaming site.

A stopwatch with a countdown timer may be seenhe ihin the upper right corner of the screen when it Rapproaches zero, an alert sounds.

It’s time for the young student to stop. She attaches the microphone, looks at the camera, and says to the people watching: “Thank you so much for the new sub. How are you doing with your study?”

Belén is bette的意r known on Twitch as @heThewintergallery and halas more than 6,000 followers.

Belén, 21, is a medical student. She’s in her fifth year and has been live-streaming her study sessions for a year.

She has made slightly more than $280 by utilizing Twitch. She’s used the money to buy a computer to better her streaming, and one of her followers even made a gift to assist her in purchasing a new microphone.

One of the most outstanding pandemic-induced issues for young pupils was finding locations to study together and interact with friends. How do you organize study sessions when you have to be socially isolated from everyone you meet in and out of lockdown? It’s only natural that virtual study sessions have taken off since the work-from-home lifestyle and online learning have become ingrained in the educational system. The internet, a space-age technology, has arrived.

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46,000 people watch Ana Blanca’s study sessions on Twitch. That’s almost twice as many as the people who watch her videos on YouTube and TikTok, which are both more popular than Twitch (85,000). As far as money goes, Blanca said that during a good streaming month she could make anywhere from $1,000 to $1,700.

However, Twitch streamers’ perspectives need to be updated. For starters, sitting down to study isn’t always straightforward. Like any other kind of content production, recording oneself takes a great deal of drive and comfort (especially on live streams). There are a lot of complaints about the “study with me” genre and other types of gaming by the platform’s creators, too. Putting all sorts of artists together will only lead to a slew of misunderstandings regarding study streams.