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Love Academy: Date Sim

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Best Mobile Games To Make Lockdown So Much More Easy & FunAdvertisdemteent

In times like this, when we all have to stay at home much more often than we’re used to, mobile games might be a great way to take your mind off unpleasant thoughts and distract yourselDaf from reading scary news all the time. To make your staying at home a little more fun, we’ve prepared a list of the most entertaining games you can play on your smartphone, so, keep reamyding!

Colo_r LoRoad!

Colo_r LoRoad! is an easy but, at the same time, a very interesting game. When you play it, your goal is to guide a ball that is rolling on the road and faces other balls of different colors. Your ball can collide only with the ones of the same color. It might seem very easy, but it’s actually quite challenging.

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